Together with PRSNT we have created the ultimate women’s retreat. We will do yoga, back country skiing, surfing, climbing, workshops, eat amazing food, connect with ourselves and others, enjoy the sauna, go hiking and explore the islands.

A central goal for PRSNT ADVENTURE RETREATS is to inspire as many people as possible to spend time in the elements outdoors, developing a deeper connection to nature, to each other and to themselves. We believe that everybody needs a little yin & yang in their lives, so selecting activities that balance these states of mind is key when we design our retreats. To us, the power is in the PRSNT moment, so we aim to facilitate environments to get you there.

A combination of split boarding & backcountry skiing, outdoor climbing, yoga, meditation, kayaking, arctic surfing, arts & crafts, fjord skinny dipping followed by Sauna sessions, healthy cooking classes & nutrition workshops, stress management seminar, PRSNTFIT functional movement classes and so much more.

The dates to save are 19th-26th of April 2020.

The manager of the Lodge Maren Bistrup, Olympian and XGames medalists Kjersti Buaas and Chanelle Sladics is pairing mindful practices and healthy living with Lofoten´s amazing playground.

One of PRSNT`s intentions is to facilitate an environment for women from all over the world, to come together and get out of their comfort zones, expand their knowledge, skill sets, vision, and community.

Certified guides, high end food and original timber log cabins are set up so you can be cozy, eat like queens, move like locals & feel safe out in the backcountry.

Solidify your seat today at > and let your next epic, mindful adventure retreat come to life!

We belive that everybody needs a little yin & yang in their lives. That is why we mindfully select activities balancing these states of mind.

Total price per person:

$3,034 USD


• 4 days of backcountry adventures

• Morning/evening yoga & meditation

• All meals included. Healthy and vibrant food

• Transportation during the week t/r Svolvær

• Arctic Surf and SUP (optional)

• Stress management seminar

• Gratitude welcome dinner

• PRSNTFIT Functional Movemnet classes

• Intention & goal setting

• Technology Reduced Environment

• Workshops on nutrition, meditation techniques & mindfullness


Kayaking in the fjord

Use of Jacuzzi and Sauna followed by fresh arctic swimming & Stargazing

Exploring natural terrain with Northern Alpine Guides and pro snowboarders Kjersti Buaas & Chanelle Sladics.

*Introduction to Split Boarding and Ski Touring is available.

Kjersti Østgaard Buaas